Friday, April 22, 2005


Barnsitting, like housesitting, but with a lot more work involved. My good friend has gone to the Dressage World Cup Finals in Las Vegas and I stayed home to take care of the horses. Boy, I wish I were in Vegas. They have VIP seats -- 2 rows back from E with free drinks and eats. The best riders in the world eating with them, at the hotel pool with them, and on the streets with them. Wow. I am more jealous than I thought I would be. It is really inspiring to watch these riders and horses. Plus, Las Vegas weather has got to be better than what is happening in the midwest right now.

But I must say that I do love taking care of the horses and barn. It's about the only time I can get out of bed by 6 AM without a problem. I even jog around the yard a bit while I'm feeding. And although my sleep pattern is totally out of whack, I still feel good during the day. Yesterday I had to spend 4 hours at home to take a nap in the morning because I was so behind in sleep, but that's just because I haven't been getting to sleep until 11:30 PM and my dog woke me up several times every night because he was nervous about sleeping at a strange place. He may be a 100 lb. dog, but he is still a big sissy. He loves to be around the horses, though. He is so happy in the mornings to go out and feed with me. He jumps and struts and smiles and plays with everything. It is a great way to start the day.

I look forward to the day we finally have our small farmstead on our 18 acres. Getting up for horses is the best way to get out of bed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Even better! I had a GREAT ride on Jimmy. I'm learning more and more and Jimmy responds to me so well. I can't wait to compete this summer.

Zoe was SUPER!! Her trot floats you along, even as a young, unbalanced, barely backed 3 year old. She was calm and willing the whole time. I tell you, she is going to be a great horse. I hope I can buy her in June. I'm planning on it. I'll try to get some video up here in the next month.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Riding the Young Horse

A wonderful experience yesterday! I rode Zoe for the first time on the lunge. She was an angel. She cared more about trying to rub her face on my friend's shoulder than about me being on her back. The last time I was on her, my friend just walked us around for a few minutes. This time I was out on the lunge and we trotted. It felt much more like a real ride! The fact that she didn't act up, didn't stop, didn't spook and was just calm and collected (though very baby-wobbly) is a good sign! I'm very excited about her.

Not to ignore my main horse, Jimmy.... He's been going very well and I am pleased with our progress. I will start out riding First Level Test 4 and do Second Level Test 1 at our first show out this season, which will probably be in June. If I score well enough on First 1, then I am into Level 2 for sure! I'll have the scores I need in First to qualify for my bronze medal. I'll just need to get two scores over 60% in Second level, and then I am on to third! It's amazing to think about, considering it took me 2 years to get through Training level. By the way, his sinus infection is totally cleared up and he will be off the antibiotics on Sunday. That's good news.

Needless to say, a ton of my time is spent with the horses. My husband isn't that thrilled about that, but he is so supportive and likes to see the progress, too. He is really the most wonderful man I could have married.

Next week the Dog Training Club classes begin again. I'm taking Fred to Agility 1 and Rally-O Intermediate. And I am assisting a Puppy Kindergarten class. That's 2 nights a week that I won't be able to do much with the horses. Mondays I won't even be able to go to the barn. I have until 7:30 PM on Tuesdays to go to the barn and take care of things. It's going to be a challenge with the weather turning so nice! I'll have to take vacation time on Tuesdays so I can leave work early! Whoohoo!