Thursday, May 07, 2009

Evaluation Complete, Still Waiting for Stall

The final analysis of Zoe: "She will be a project." 

However, Jochen said he would take her for 60 days of training and now I am waiting for a stall to become available. He was worried that there might be something wrong with her back because when he was riding he could feel her take some irregular steps at the walk and trot. I know exactly what he was feeling. It feels like she tenses up and threatens to kick and buck. I concluded last fall that something physically must be wrong with her, but thousands of dollars and many tests and scans later, it was left as "undiagnosed". So I believe that her issues are muscular-skeletal. She needs to develop the proper muscle to carry her frame in balance, and there will be a period that is very difficult for her and she will have an attitude. However, I firmly believe that if a skilled trainer can get through the hard developmental stages then she will return to being my ridable and talented horse. So I told Jochen that he needs to kick her ass. Now I am waiting for the stall.