Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Adorable Kittens

And check out our adorable kittens this May 2007. This is just a few days after we got them. Putz (tigerstripe), Greta (gray), and Cake (creamy, like icing on a cake) jump and bat at each other. I videoed them for about 45 minutes one day. There is nothing like watching kittens play.

Abe and Superbowl

Have you seen our baby miniature donkeys? These guys are great!

Regained Access!!

I have finally regained access to my blogs! When Google aquired Blogger and had users move their blogs to Google, I made a typo in my email address. This was back in April 2007. After several exchanges with Google Support that didn't fix my problems, I was so frustrated that I gave up for awhile. Unfortunately, I have had very significant things to blog about. Ironically, those significant things also zapped my energy to pursue getting my access to the blogs fixed. So nothing got done, and I didn't blog anything.

Today I finally decided to sacrifice some riding time (it's rainy anyway) and get back to fixing my access problem. I reviewed the Blogger Support emails, tried again, and failed again. I found that the help they sent wasn't exactly what I needed, but finally I was able to modify their suggestions so that it did work. Of course, this is after I emailed support again to complain that I couldn't get it fixed. Now they will probably go in to "fix" it and break it all again. I hope not.

It's good to be back. I hope I can catch up with life.