Monday, October 02, 2006

The Fields Are Calling

Zoe has been doing great since the show. I gave her a bit of a break, mostly because I needed to pay more attention to Jimmy for awhile. He was getting sore in the hips. I couldn't wait for the chiropractor to come for him. The poor guy would almost sit down when you ran your fingers down the sides of this spine. The Chiro is a magic doctor. She came, adjusted his usual spots, and Voila! he was well again. No more stocking up in the back, and his hips were back to normal. No more sitting under the finger test. We've had some great rides since then.

Zoe's newest thing is a big cut on her right front leg. It's a puncture wound, so you know that will take forever and a day to heal. She tends to get a bit proud-fleshy around wounds like that. So I (and B) have spent some hours hosing and washing and preparing the wound. Late last week it looked like the inflammation was moving down her leg. Her knee was very swollen, but she wasn't lame on it. I rode her and the swelling went down slightly. She was good under saddle, so at least there was nothing bad of that nature going on. On Sunday it looked as though the inflammation was moving down her leg a bit, or dissipating altogether. I was also happy with how the wound was looking. I used the magic McKillip's powder to reduce the proud flesh. I will use a technique I learned from my vet from one of her many other wounds -- every other day Furall, every other day McKillips. I hope the wound has closed enough by the time I leave town this Friday. Otherwise I have to trouble B with more wound treatment chores.

Now I need to leave my office and take advantage of this beautiful fall day. Temp is 86 degrees Fahrenheit! Lovely! The fields are calling me and Jimmy!