Monday, December 20, 2004

Pet Portraits

We were bamboozled by a local pet shop that advertised pet portraits with a well-known, experienced photographer. We of course signed up, showed up, and paid our money. Turns out they replaced the photographer with an inexperienced one at the last moment and didn't bother to tell any clients. It explains the sub-par quality photos we got in return. The only way I found out about the swindle was by calling the original photographer to complain. She filled me in and I contacted the pet shop who only said, "Sorry for the miscommunication, " and gave me a phone number for the replacement photographer. I called the replacement photographer, and what do you know, the number had a voicemail that wasn't set up and you couldn't leave a message. I have a feeling we are out our 2 clams. I hate that we put our trust into businesses and professionals and they let us down. We should have known better and simply walked away without ordering prints we weren't pleased with. But, damn, the photographer said she would fix the red-eye in one of the photos and we get them back to find that the dog looks like a freak! Evil! I wouldn't frame those photos for anything. On the other photos, the lighting was weird, washing us out on one side, and the angles were just not the best choice. She took a lot of them from the top of a ladder. Whatever. Not my taste. So now I am trying to get a hold of the allusive replacement photographer to get our money back. I wonder how successful that will be.

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