Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Stinky Snot!

This weekend my horse developed a sinus infection indicated by some rancid smelling nasal discharge from his right nostril. It is quite disgusting. The good news is that it is not infectious to other horses. Bad news is that it could be a long process to rid him of the infection. He is already started on a course of antibiotics and got a shot of penicillin and an IV of antibiotics to start his treatment. !0 more days of giving him 24 pills a day, and hopefully he is better. After reading about equine sinus infections online I worry that he could be on antibiotics for months and end up having surgery to put a drain in for flushing his sinus. Sounds expensive, doesn't it? Check out this article from HorseCity.com, "Clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment of Sinusitis explained" at http://www.horsecity.com/stories/120400/hea_sinisitis_ML.shtml. It even has a picture of what his nose looks like.

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