Monday, October 17, 2005

Clinic Update

Had a great clinic this weekend. All the babies are looking so good! It was wonderful to see all of them. They are all being ridden like adult horses now. What a change. I was especially anxious to have David ride Zoe. This was her first outing since June. She hasn't yet accepted the contact with the bit and showed her protest by throwing her head up and trying to rear. Yet, when she settled in, she looked spectacular. I don't think the head tossing, etc are major issues, but I am glad David had this argument with her and not me. This was the first time she was really ridden with the expectation of having and keeping contact. I've only ridden her three times since she has been back to work, for goodness' sake. In that regard, she did remarkably. And based on my past experience with her, she will protest new things until she is comfortable it and it only takes persistence, consistency and patience with her. I can do that. :-) I've ordered a new bit for her, polo wraps and bell boots. Only an extra $150 this month. Anyway, I can't get away with keeping her on the too small, too narrow bit I got from her previous owner. I think that is keeping her from accepting the contact. So I have a new 21 mm KK ultra loose ring Aurigan metal bit coming on rush this week. I hope to have it by Tuesday and will ride her again then.

This week I am focusing on preparing for the final show of the year. I'm riding Jimmy in 5 classes, again doing Second 1 & 2 and I added First 3 & 4 for good measure. I hope it's not too much for us.

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