Monday, November 14, 2005

Additional Update

I see that I skipped over reporting on the last show. I think it is important to note that Jimmy and I came away with 3 blues and a red ribbon! The show was a pleasant show, except that it was rainy and cold the whole weekend. The venue was really nice, though. Jimmy was actually quite sick of the show season by then. Every time I tacked him up, the more resentful he got. By Sunday afternoon he did not want to be riding dressage tests anymore. We got our red ribbon that ride. It was actually a horrible ride. He pulled the whole time and never relaxed for any movement. It wasn't much fun at all. We got a very low score, and the lowest collective mark I have ever received for submission -- a 4. We were riding Second 2. Our best ride was the first ride of the weekend, Second 1. Jimmy felt soft and responsive during that test. Although I rode it very conservatively because the footing was wet and I was worried about slipping. The judge was very difficult and we didn't get 60%. However, I was still very pleased with how we rode and felt very good about the test. I did get my qualifying score on First 3. Now all I need are qualifying scores at Third level and I have my bronze medal. Unfortunately, I don't think Jimmy will take me to third level in his career. I will have to wait for Zoe to be ready. That's okay, because I think Zoe and I are going to kick some butt when we start showing.

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