Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Importance of Exercise

For Christmas Zoe's previous owner surprised me and gave me some wonderful gifts. I wasn't expecting anything, so this was a nice surprise! I got a beautiful saddle pad with the Oldenburg breed logo, a training and health care log book, 2 Christmas stockings (now hanging on Jimmy's and Zoe's stalls) and a magazine focusing on the Oldenburg breed. I love the saddle pad and will use it for our first show next summer.

It's funny with the stockings. Jimmy's was normal size, but Zoe's was small, signifying that she is the baby. At least that is how I interpret it. Everyone at the barn made a big deal that Zoe's stocking is so much smaller than Jimmy's. They of course are anthropomorphizing that she is going to be jealous about having a smaller stocking. I think it is funny. Zoe doesn't even care. She is getting lots of peppermints, which is her real concern. I think peppermints are her favorite treat. I am pretty sure this is the first time she has ever had peppermints.

I have been very diligent to make sure Zoe is getting plenty of exercise this week, despite the cold. I have lunged her every day. On Saturday I free lunged, then lunged in side reins, then rode. She was very good! I worked on downward transitions. She is quite bad at halting, so I will focus on that for the next month of rides. I figure that will be an important concept to have in case she decides to buck and bolt again. :-)

Jimmy has been communicating that he hasn't wanted to be messed with. At least that was the message over the weekend. I left him alone on Sunday. Last night he was acting more eager to be worked with, so if it is not too cold tonight I will ride him. I think it's important to listen to your horse and make sure he is approaching things with a positive attitude. Believe me, it is not fun if your partner isn't happy.

Here's to wishing it could be spring already.

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