Monday, December 19, 2016

Regrow Redevelop Renew

It took a few years from my last post to re-grow, re-develop, and renew. It was finally in 2014 when I left the job with my longtime employer and got away from the toxic manager. It was a difficult to go through, and I hope never to find myself in a situation with a toxic boss or toxic co-worker ever again. I learned a lot during that experience. I was rewarded by exercising the resiliency I have worked so hard to have. When the toxic person went low, I stayed on the high road. I stayed true to myself. Here on the other end, several years later, I am really happy with where I am. With regards to Zoe, she is coming along. We had our setups during the last few years. Zoe had a surgery to remove the splint bone in her right hind leg after a small fracture over-healed and the callous threatened to interfere with her suspensory ligament. It was causing recurring lameness. She had the surgery in June 2016, and I am happy to report that in December 2016 she is back in full work and I have been happy with her progress. I still have to throw out the feelings that we are so far behind everyone else. We do have more in us, and she is getting older, but that doesn't mean we aren't amazing and we won't match the successes of anyone around us. Our successes are our own, unique to our own journey, to us. I'm glad to be able to sneak a short update post in here. Maybe with the holiday approaching and having a few days off next week, I can come back write some more.

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