Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year

It's the new year! Whoohoo! We've had unbelievable weather since Christmas. It has been 60 degrees Fahrenheit like every day. This is bazarre when you consider the previous week was -15 with windchill, and we should be getting snow on the ground and having ice storms. Why is the weather so messed up??

It has been a great holiday this year. I got 10 days off work, my sister is here from The Netherlands, and it has been all fun times. My in-laws gifted us with a whopping sum of money to help us with the down payment on our 18 acres. I started crying right there. They are such great people. We close on the property in March. In the next weeks we will lock in our interest rate. I hope it is still low.

So, in March we will be farmers. Well, we won't actually be farming, but we will have a real farmer farm for us. Let's hope soybeans do well this year! That will help finance our seeding for pasture and hopefully pay the taxes on the land. In five years we may be able to start building our dream house and barn!

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