Friday, August 03, 2007

Home Sweet Home

The horses came home on July 22. I can't tell you how wonderful it is for them to be there. It was the best moment when I finished riding during the first week, got off the horse, untacked, and all that was left to do was go in the house. I was walking around in a cloud of happiness and disbelief that this was actually happening to me. I mean, this very thing has been my dream since I was a tiny tot. I used to draw out my horse ranch on paper. I bought hundreds and hundreds of Breyer horses and pretended they were on my horse farm. I imagined riding them and watching them graze in the pasture. For so long I thought these plastic toys would be the closest I ever got to my dream. And now I look around me and I feel proud that I was able to create the world I dreamed about. Okay, well, if I really created the exact world I dreamed about I would have about 200 more acres, 100 more horses, a huge, beautiful Kentucky barn, rolling hills, miles of fences, the perfect indoor arena, the ocean on one side, a forest on the other, mountains to the east. But, well, we know that isn't possible, so I am deeply thrilled with my 5 acres, 2 horses, 2 miniature mediterranean donkeys, 7 chickens, barn kittens, 2 dogs, house cats.... You get the idea. I still hope one day we will be able to purchase the land adjacent to us so we will have larger acreage, but for now, living in our current home really is a dream come true. Just as having Sven as my husband is a dream come true. Unfortunately for him, the country part of our life isn't exactly fulfilling his dreams, so now I will work on bringing some of his dreams to life. He deserves it.

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