Thursday, August 23, 2007

We Made It!!

I received word from Ekkehard Brysch, the CEO of the ISR Oldenburg Registry of North America (this is where Zoe is registered), that Zoe and I have been accepted to participate in the Young Horse Training Symposium with Heike Kemmer! I am excited and scared all at once. Heike is an Olympic medal winner. I am just an adult amateur trying to get above 2nd level. Am I going to make a fool of myself? Can you dig deep in your mind for moments you've personally experienced when you felt completely intimidated? I'm feeling a lot like that. B has nothing to worry about -- Lili is doing fantastically and is impressive being able to do the 4 y.o. and 5 y.o. FEI tests. Zoe and I have barely done Training Level. B-I-G difference. However, the Symposium is focusing on the training of the young horse from the beginning to the highest level, and our horses are really good examples of the training scale. Zoe and I will get to where Lili is, we just aren't as far in our training. I've got a month to get Zoe whipped in shape. Was I just lamenting that I needed a reason to get back on a training schedule?? Well, I just gave one to myself. You'll see me out there in the rain, dark, humidity preparing for that weekend. Put it in your calendars: weekend of September 22.

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